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Windows Azure at Cloud Expo My colleague, Peter Palmieri, just penned a blog post about Microsoft’s recent announcement that the Azure platform will offer extensive and familiar relational database features via SQL Data Services (SDS). In his post, Leveraging Skills, Peter discusses the fact that .NET developers will be able to leverage their existing SQL Server database skills when developing against the Azure platform. In doing so, he has touched upon what I think is Microsoft’s most strategic advantage in the realm of cloud computing. Microsoft has a ready-made ecosystem and developer community from which to draw its consumer innovators and early adopters. And I believe it plans on leveraging that advantage to vanquish the competition. The sheer breadth and depth of these cloud consumer first-movers may prove to be game-changing. From my perspective, abstractio... (more)

Is Cloud Computing Like Teenage Sex?

It was once said back in the early ‘90s that “Client/server computing is a little like teenage sex – everyone talks about it, few actually do it, and even fewer do it right.  Nevertheless, many people believe client/server computing is the next major step in the evolution of corporate information systems.” Can the same be said about cloud computing, today? It is evident that cloud computing is the next major step in computing, in general.  But is it the next major step in the evolution of corporate information systems?  Everyone is certainly talking about it; but who is actuall... (more)

Architectural Fidelity with Globally Distributed Software Development Teams

Software businesses that engage in offshore outsourcing face a number of risks.  Of particular importance to the software architect, is the risk associated with the architectural fidelity of the company’s software products.  Small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) and ISVs face greater levels of difficulty than do their large enterprise counterparts when it comes to managing offshore outsourcing.  To deal with this issue, I have developed a context model that can be used to help the small company find the right resource mix; enabling it to maintain an appropriate level of manag... (more)

Ben Franklin on compound interest…

“Money makes money and the money that money makes makes more money”. I think I like this guy. Photo credit kimberlyfaye. ... (more)

Experian snubs FTC. Who will win this fight?…

The FACT Act requires that the FTC improve the accuracy of consumer records and make improvements in the use of, and consumer access to credit information.  It says as much in the first paragraph. The FTC has devised a methodology that requires experts and consumers to work together to audit CRAs for accuracy and completeness.  It has also devised a program around this methodology and a plan to roll it out nationwide. This is in stark conflict with the Valentine’s Day gift that we will all receive from Experian on 2/14/2009.  Experian says that it is no longer going to make credi... (more)